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Sneak peek: Artisphere's new murals

May 31, 2011 - 02:15 PM
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Jim McCusker installs artist Linda Hesh's mural

Here's a sneak peek at two new murals installed at Artisphere that will be unveiled to the public tomorrow, June 1. They're by local artist Linda Hesh, who is known for creating text art that makes a statement (One of her popular pieces was the "for" and "against" benches at the 2010 "Bilateral Engagement" show). Hesh has installed two sayings on windowpanes of Artisphere workspaces: "Art Every Day" and "Live For Art." It is a semi-permanent installation, and will be on display indefinitely.

"The [Artisphere] building is open every day – that's not in their tagline or anything," says Hesh, of her inspiration for the piece. She also plays with the the word "live" as a homograph. "They feature live art, so it could be read live for art, but could also be live for art ... everyone here [in the Artisphere] is living for art."

The installation also provides "Art Every Day" decals to visitors, who are encouraged to stick them anywhere and document their placement on the Artisphere Facebook page (And don't worry, business and property owners – they're decals, not stickers, so they peel off). The third component of the installation will happen at Pentagon City Mall tonight, when 62 table tops will have the words "Art" "Every" and "Day" installed on them individually. Visitors will get the message when the look down on the food court from above.

The murals are hung in a space that is off the beaten path in Artisphere – the upper-floor conference area, where art isn't usually on display. 

"What we want to do is activate spaces that would otherwise be dead," says Artisphere executive director José Ortiz, who says that he hopes to commission more semi-permanent installations for the building. "We want art in places that are unusual, where people and art can collide."

Hesh says she's looking forward to checking the Artisphere Facebook page to see where her decals end up.

"It's exciting to see people engaged in art, creating art with my art," she says. Decals will be available in a wall display next to the mural, tomorrow.


Linda Hesh, with her second mural at the Artisphere.
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