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New releases: Grace Jones, Hugh Laurie, George Strait

September 6, 2011 - 01:30 PM
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Grace Jones, circa 1987 (Photo: AP)

New music to buy/stream/steal.

Grace Jones, Hurricane

The Internet says: "It’s been 18 years since the inimitable Grace Jones released an album stateside, but the legendary new-wave, nightclubbing diva was always light years ahead of her time; in a Gaga world, she sounds more relevant than ever. Downright prescient, in fact: How could the Jamaican-born fashion and music icon have known that an album called Hurricane would be stunningly apropos right now?" (Los Angeles Times)

Watch: Yes, this album was released in Europe more than two years ago, but there could be some Grace Jones fans out there who haven't yet seen the video for Hurricane's lead single, "Corporate Cannibal."

Hugh Laurie, Let Them Talk

The Internet says: "Fans of the TV medical drama House know actor Hugh Laurie as the sardonic, limping, Vicodin-popping title character, Dr. Gregory House. From time to time, Dr. House will noodle at the piano, and that's no act: Laurie started playing piano as a child in England. Now, on his debut album Let Them Talk, he's romping through the music he loves best: New Orleans and Delta blues." (NPR)

Watch: Footage of Hugh Laurie talking about Let Them Talk, which means you get House singing and speaking in his British accent!

George Strait, Here for a Good Time

The Internet says: "Here for a Good Time is a sneaky name for George Strait‘s new album because most of the 11 songs are anything but a good time. This is the legendary country singer’s darkest album in recent memory, with no fewer than five tracks feeling like punches to the kidney." (

Watch: No videos from the new album, yet, so let's check out some '80s-era Strait, shall we?

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