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‘Arlington Rap’ guy takes on Occupy DC with new video

October 11, 2011 - 10:29 AM
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Arlington rapper and comedian Remy Munasifi, perhaps best known for his musical tribute to his neighborhood (“all these dudes in brown flip flops”) addresses the Occupy DC protesters in his latest number. The Dylanesque ballad more or less says “you’re silly, protesters.”

Munasifi, who describes the protesters he met as “very nice and welcoming,” says that, like them, he doesn’t support corporate bailouts. “I just disagreed with some of the proposed solutions,” he says. “Some people choose personal attacks over substantive discourse, and it’s neither productive nor persuasive.” Munasifi, who says he’s an independent and not “formally political,” recorded the video in partnership with libertarian organization ReasonTV.

Some of the lyrics, like a line about the unfairness of everyone having an iPhone 4, seem pointedly critical of the protests, and Munasifi doesn’t deny that he’s poking fun. “I just wanted to illustrate that the free marketplace is closing the gap between royalty and regular folks in ways never before seen in history,” he explains.

Sadly, this included no Starbucks jokes:

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