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Style: Parenthetical puns — parapuns? — must end!

October 21, 2011 - 10:03 AM
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Womp shirt
The womp shirt by Zazzle. (

The parenthetical pun has invaded the Post's Style section. It must be stamped out!

Here's Monica Hesse on state dinners last week (emphasis mine):

The arrival ceremony, the good china, the wonk mixed with the pomp (the womp!), the Sensible Shoe People mixed with the Famous Celebrity People mixed with the people who are at these things because they are always at these things, who know better than to try to wear a hanbok, elegant as the garment might look.

Here's Chris Richards on the Pearl Jam doc today (a great review, by the way):

As his irritating new film, “Pearl Jam Twenty,” attempts to document — rockument? — the great Seattle band’s two-decade history, Crowe can’t decide whether he wants to play narrator, interviewer, insider, subject or superfan.

Guys! One more and I'll have to report this thing out! Please restrain yourselves and save us all a bunch of work.

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