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TBD ArtsBook: Stop making up words!

October 24, 2011 - 10:30 AM
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• On Friday, ArtsBook took the Washington Post Style section to task for its developing trendlet of parenthetical puns. My name for this phenomenon -- nameomenon? -- was less than stellar; on Twitter Ryan Kearney and Mark Athitakis hashed out a better name: "Postmanteaus," Athitakis suggested, winning the day. AND WHAT WAS ON THE FRONT OF THE SUNDAY ARTS SECTION THE NEXT MORNING? "Will Ferrell. There is no word to describe his perfection," the dek reads, conjuring Ferrell's old James Lipton bit. "So, we are forced to make one up. And we're going to do so right now...Scrumtrulescent." (Note: Internet readers are deprived of this headline treatment. Subscribe, losers.) 

• MORE WEEKEND STUFF: Philip Kennicott dismantled Gertrude Stein's legend while mostly praising "Seeing Gertrude Stein: Five Stories" at the Portrait Gallery: "a fascinating show that gets almost everything right except the basic premise of Stein’s talent." ¶ Maura Judkis! Maura Judkis! Maura Judkis wrote about Lauren Gentile's new gallery, Contemporary Wing, which is opening in the old Irvine Contemporary space. Maura Judkis. ¶ Jacqueline Trescott wrote about the KenCen's new joint venture in Oman, which Michael Kaiser's been blogging the bejesus about on Huffington Post, and that's all great, but I think there have to be some people nervous about having an opera house in a Middle Eastern country where political parties are illegal these days. Love to see that story! ¶ David Schoenbaum wrote a story about Washington's surfeit of Stradivariuses. But that lede! "Before there was Les Paul, there was the violin." (OTHER THINGS THAT PRECEDED LES PAUL: The pyramids at Giza, the parabola-shaped mandible, the printing press.) Fourteen paragraphs of violin history later, we get to the premise of the piece. Schoenbaum! In a newspaper, the story goes up top! ¶ Peter Marks reviewed "A Bright New Boise." Nelson Pressley reviewed "Mabou Mines DollHouse" at KenCen. ¶ Erica W. Morrison and Macy L. Freeman wrote about Howard's homecoming as a brand, and this is a fascinating article. ¶ Annie Groer wrote about Adrienne Arsht. ¶ Kris Coronado wrote about Congressional Cemetery (again, I like this one better on the page than on the Web. I'm a geezer. Sue me.) ¶ Elizabeth Olson took a look at D.C. exhibits New Yorkers might want to see (the first ladies' gowns show? really?). ¶ Ted Loos wrote about a Kandinsky that was shown at the Phillips recently under whose surface is another painting.

Anime con T-shirts are a feminist issue, writes Lauren Rae Orsini. (They are not the only area that needs work, sexism-wise.) "It’s time we stop pretending the male body is the only body type convention t-shirts are meant to cover," she writes.

Ron Moten is now a Republican. This is only arts news if you subscribe to my theory that Ron Moten's last few years have been a long act of performance art.

Hank Stuever has a reverie about tousling Paul Rudd's hair, but mostly he just describes the action at Will Ferrell's knighting ceremony or whatever happened at KenCen last night.

• Show Place Arena in P.G.: Uh-oh....

• RIP Mary Morrison Gettings, a Torpedo Factory stalwart.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Kristin Guiter. Tom Berard.


Pop: CSS w/ Men and EMA at 9:30. Scoundrels w/ Tom McBride at DC9. Red Bull EMSEE ft. Big K.R.I.T., Joe Budden and Devin the Dude at Fillmore. Danni Rosner at Iota. Cartoon Johnny at Jammin’ Java. Il Volo at Constitution Hall. Mat Kearney at Rams Head. Bob Schneider at Birchmere. Us & Them at Velvet Lounge.

Classical, jazz: Bjorn Thoroddsen & Robin Nolan at Blues Alley. Alex Peh plays Liszt at the Austrian Embassy.

Theater: “The Poe Show” bows at Rep Stage. Opera Lafayette presents: Duetto/Duo w/ Jean-Paul Fouchcourt, haute-contre, & Gaele LeRoi, soprano, at KenCen.

What-have-you: Tony Horwitz, author of “Midnight Rising” at Politics and Prose. Spoken-word artist Andrea Gibson w/ Natalie E. Illum at The Fridge. Small Change/Big Changes Film Series ft. “Remittances” at Goethe. The Bridge School Concerts at AFI Silver Theatre. The Garden: Open Mic ft. Nila Kay at BloomBars. FOOD DAY Film Screening: “A Community of Gardeners” at Busboys and Poets/14th&V. Science Cafe: “Two Artists and Their Science” at Busboys and Poets/5th&K. HEY THIS IS KIND OF COOL: Lean & Hungry Theater, "Washington's only radio drama company," will air its "Macbeth" tonight on Sirius XM Book Radio. More info.

Cheap tix! TICKETPLACE has “The Crucible” at Keegan and “Remittances” at Goethe-Institut. Goldstar’s got “United by Faith, Divided by War” at DCJCC, Alex Peh at Austrian Embassy.

You could be reading TBD ArtsBook earlier! The newsletter, which rounds up as much D.C. arts news as humanly possible, usually (though not today, because I screwed up the nominally simple task of setting my alarm) goes out at an ungodly hour every weekday. Sign up here.

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