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Hey, Ty Unglebower's hater: Would you like a job?

November 17, 2011 - 12:16 PM
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Unglebower, left, as Hamlet in Full Circle Theater Company’s production of 'Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.'

Legendary local acting columnist Ty Unglebower may have TBD's entire arts staff firmly in his corner, but that's no defense against the forces of Internet disagreement! This morning, I pointed out the words of commenter "Please," who on Nov. 3 called Unglebower's columns for ShowBizRadio "embarrassing to actors" and says his writing "will just have you behave in a manner that drives most theatre people around here insane."

Mike Clark, Unglebower's editor, wrote to TBD this morning to offer this skeptic a column of his or her own: "Since I have no way to reach the person who disagrees with Ty's thoughts," Clark writes, "maybe you could post this offer....I'd like to offer 'Ty's hater' a position as columnist. The position entails writing 400-600 words twice per month. Topics can be anything theatre-related. It would be great to get some columns about the 'reality of the situation in most theatres.' Anyone interested can contact me at"

Unglebower shrugs off the challenge, writing in an email that "I don't generally read the comments of those who read my column. (As I didn't read the link you sent me. I didn't see it as being productive.) I write my column for the sake of writing it."

It's up to you, "Please"! Are you gonna hide in the comments section forever?

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