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Lucy Bowen McCauley seeks local musicians

November 18, 2011 - 03:29 PM
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bowen mccauley time & clouds
Bowen McCauley's 'Time & Clouds,' performed this past spring.

Local musicians, you have two days.

Sunday is the deadline to submit songs for Bowen McCauley Dance's "Lucy's Local Playlist," a work it will perform next May at Synetic Theater.

Choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley says the project stems from 2009's "Lucy's Playlist," where she created choreography from her favorite iPod mix. "I thrive on collaborations like this; it makes me grow," says Bowen McCauley, who's put out the call not just for the pop and punk from the earlier work, but also hip-hop, country, jazz, and metal.

"One of the biggest challenges with a project like this is tying it together so that it doesn't just come off as a dance made out of a random playlist," Bowen McCauley says. "The choreography will try to accompany each individual song without losing its own cohesiveness, and at the end, I'm hoping to arrange for one or two live acts."

Bowen McCauley says she was inspired by the level of collaboration she's seen among European artists, who she says "are generally more supportive of each other than what they can be in the States."

"On the other hand," she says, "I am very appreciative of the community of artists here in Arlington, and for all the support I've received. As far as D.C. and Virginia goes, there aren't that many established companies here yet. We're hoping to become one eventually. But dance can be a hard sell."

This isn't Bowen McCauley's first diplomatic mission to the region's music community -- Bowen McCauley Dance had a long-running collaboration with local guitar orchestra Tone that included a trip to Aachen, Germany. Maybe you'll get lucky! But hurry, the deadline to submit music is Sunday.

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