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You can still buy that Bill O'Reilly Lincoln book at Ford's Theatre

November 14, 2011 - 11:56 AM
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ford's theatre museum
The Ford's Theatre Museum: You can't buy the book here, but you can get it upstairs. (Photo by Andrew Beaujon)

This post has been updated.

Bill O'Reilly's Killing Lincoln, an account of the 16th president's assassination, isn't for sale in the museum about Lincoln at Ford's Theatre.

That doesn't mean you can't buy it at Ford's.

Ford's is operated as a partnership between the Ford's Theatre Society, which presents the shows, and the National Park Service, which operates the museum in the basement. Upstairs, at the FTS gift shop in the lobby, the O'Reilly book is for sale.

Ford's Theatre Society and NPS have had this partnership since 1968, writes Lauren Beyea, a Ford's representative, in an email. The Park Service, she says, "owns the historic building and offers ranger and interpretive programming as part of daily visits. The Ford’s Theatre Society is a separate non-profit which presents a full season of theatrical productions on the Ford’s Theatre stage; offers daytime programming including one-act performances; and hosts educational programming and teacher workshops through on- and off-site and web-based resources."

Paul R. Tetreault, the society's director, said in a statement that "We decided several weeks ago to carry Bill O'Reilly's book 'Killing Lincoln' in the Ford's Theatre Society gift shop. While we understand the National Park Service's concerns about the book, we decided to let our visitors judge the book themselves."

It's not for sale online at the moment; Beyea says she talked to a contact in the Ford's Theatre Society's gift shop who says they hope to add it to the online shop soon.

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