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Project Dispatch: 'Part and Parcel' opens at The Fridge

December 8, 2011 - 07:30 AM
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Project Dispatch: Part and Parcel

It's after 6 p.m. on a Saturday night at Sticky Fingers bakery in Columbia Heights, and Keli Anaya, a local artist, is telling me about his piece in Project Dispatch's Part and Parcel exhibit, which opens Saturday. So many pieces of art never make it to a gallery, he says. From rough drafts to works that are never sold — these are the pieces that are never seen.

Part and Parcel engages patrons in an exhibit that pairs an artists' substantial work next to their smaller wrapped counterpart. The "part" is the artist's larger work, made possible by subscribers of their smaller works, the "parcel."

The smaller packages, which gallerygoers will have to buy wrapped and unseen, are a way "for artists to create new small works and send out works they've had in their possession," he says. A street and installation artist, Anaya uses art as social commentary. His piece, which features the gay rainbow, is a comment on gay consumerism, he says.

"How gay men, specifically, spend a lot of time and money and effort consuming things to pursue sex," he says. "I've even found myself falling into that."

Co-creator Chandi Kelley says the exhibit, unlike Project Dispatch's other shows, is meant to "elevate the project. I had ideas for things that would just bring us up a notch and have people take us seriously as working artists," she says. The exhibit highlights "that we're all doing much bigger things too, but our collectors that've come to know and love our work, to see what we do on a larger scale."

Each artist's "part" and "parcel" package differs — some share a common theme, or are even parts of each other, others share no relation. Everything's for sale.

"The idea is really to encourage people to become a part of the creative process through subscribe to something and not know what it was," she says.

Artists: Frank Adams, Keli Anaya, Deborah Anzinger, Chris Chen, Rachel England, Jessica Ford, Elizabeth Graeber, Becca Kallem, Chandi Kelley, Regan Kireilis-Helms, Stephanie Kwak, Jon Lee, Dana Maier and Kristoffer Tripplaar. The Fridge. 8 p.m.


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