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The Fancy Feast: Billy Reid no more edition

December 15, 2011 - 06:00 AM
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Billy Reid store that we will not have. Photo: StyleCaster/flickr.


Male fashionistas have been awaiting the arrival of Alabama-based fashion all-star Billy Reid on M Street in Georgetown for a year. Bad news, bros: Billy's not coming.

The CDFA/Vogue Fashion Fund Award winner was planning to set up shop at the space now occupied by Riccardi, which has displayed a going-out-of-business sign for months. Now a member of Reid's PR team says the deal fell through, citing "legal issues between landlord and tenant."

Calls and emails to the building's management company went unreturned, and a gentleman who answered the phone at Riccardi declined to speak. Georgetown BID confirms that the deal is off but had no further details.

It's a sad loss for a shopping district that has developed a more elevated set of options for menswear, but all hope has not been extinguished. Reid's flak writes by email that "We are looking again, but nothing set..." The Fancy Feast is putting all its eggs in that ellipsis.


Consider patronizing local improv performances, as “it will save on doctor bills as laughter cures what ails you!” (Ask Miss A)

After several disappointing nights at Sobe, Clarendon Nights discovers the thrills of white girls singing “Baby Got Back” at the restaurant’s karaoke night. (Clarendon Nights)

Belle wants to know what was the best gift you’ve ever gotten, and she doesn’t mean something lame like “love, or an engagement ring, or a child, or a good result on your cancer screening.” NO GOOD CANCER SCREENING RESULTS. (Capitol Hill Style)

Heather Bauer, author of Bread is the Devil, discusses the many Devils that plague her, including the restaurant breadbasket and her children’s PB&J sandwich crusts. (Pamela’s Punch)

Also on Pamela’s Punch, an in-depth look at the cupcake and Sprinkles founder Candace Nelson: “Move over ice cream…there’s a new sheriff in town, and the cupcake is not going anywhere.” Sounds like Heather Bauer has a new Devil to face.


What to wear to your seersucker winter wedding. (Cupcakes for Breakfast)

Wellta Boualaphanh’s spring collection will be all little black dresses and promises to be “chic, fun, conservative and sexy.” (DC Socialite)

False eyelashes can cause excessive blinking, and other holiday makeup tips. (Capitol Hill Style)

Avoid looking like a cheap hooker after having sex by buying very expensive clothes. (Campus Progress)

Fascinating nail polish facts, including the cost of history’s most expensive bottle of nail color ($130,000). (Fashionista)

You know what makes a fancy man? Plaid pants, a fur coat, and a beret. (DC Here Now)

Nana is hosting a Happy Hour for Dudes tonight to help gentlemen pick out gifts for the fancy ladies in their lives. Craft beers and gift-wrapping provided. (Refinery 29)

Accenture management consultant Pepper Watkins isn’t just the best-named man in Washington; he’s apparently one of the best dressed. (Washington Life)


Do the math carefully before making advance plans with your new man; if you’re questioning whether or not to give a long-distance relationship a chance, the answer is always yes. (Fifty First (J)Dates)

Could you forgive someone who infected you with HIV? Also, what do you wear with your fabulous new furry vest? (A Diva State of Mind)


This northern Virginia apartment is touted as “book-filled”—then readers slam it for not having enough books. And they hate the photography, too. (Apartment Therapy DC)

Lydia DePillis predicts fancy grocer Trader Joe’s will be setting up shop at 14th and U. (Washington City Paper)

Now we know why Meryl Streep paid D.C. a visit in October: She was posing for the January cover of Vogue. In case you were wondering, all those dead leaves were arranged like that on purpose. (Reliable Source)

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley invites Lady Gaga to dinner with his wife Katie via Twitter.

If you have been searching for property with “extensive flagstone terraces and patios and tree-shaded lawns” and proximity to power, the “other Camp David” is for sale. (Forbes)

Well HELLO fancy women. D.C. ranks first in a survey that asked participants if they thought their city’s women are beautiful. Also we get a lot of nosejobs. And massages. And spa visits! (DCist)

White House bathroom: a little bit fancy. (Washington City Paper)

Actor Gary Busey was the celebrity guest of honor at Ron and Sara Bonjean’s annual holiday party at their Alexandria home. He is said to have looked disheveled. (Yeas & Nays)

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