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The Fancy Feast: Glittarazzi shut out of the Post's D.C. Tweeps contest?!

December 8, 2011 - 06:00 AM
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The Washington Post has announced its slate for the 2011 Top Tweeps, a contest for local Twitter users, and the Fancy Feast has found a glaring omission. The nominees in most of the categories look pretty solid, but somehow “Favorite social butterfly” does not include the ladies of Glittarazzi.

No offense to the ladies and gentleman nominated, but seriously, how Kelly Ann Collins, Glittarazzi matriarch and tweeter to the stars, has not made this list is beyond me. In 24 hours, Collins tweeted at Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin, Newt Gingrich, Snoop Dog, Vanilla Ice, the Redskins, and Occupy DC. What flurry of socially butterfly-like social media activity could top that day?

Collins took the news in stride, writing by email that she can’t be the social butterfly she once was. “It’s humanly impossible to be out every night when you are working hard,” she says. Fine. But she can still snag one of the Post’s wildcard spots in the competition through reader nominations.

Also: No Peter Corbett?


D.C.’s latest young professional society, the Silk Road Society, hosted a night of Asian fashion and food at the Sackler Gallery. The Dress to Empress soiree featured the fall collection of designer Yeohlee Teng. The fashion “certainly made an impact on everyone in the audience.” (Ask Miss A)

Mixing woods among your dining table chairs can be challenging, but the key is contrast. (Apartment Therapy DC)

Belle has bought fake Uggs, but promises to only wear them around the house—“because the second those shearling boots cross the threshold of my front door, the Devil wins.” (Capitol Hill Style)

D.C. lawyer Bob Barnett has signed on to help Amanda Knox naviage the bidding war for an upcoming book. Previous clients include Presidents Obama, Bush, and Clinton. (Reliable Source)

Kelly Collis says holiday sweaters are making a fashion comeback. (94.7 Fresh) Tommy McFly is not pleased. (Twitter)

Vintage shop Meeps stays open under new ownership. (TBD)

Andrea Pippins, the woman behind blog Fly who's credited with coining the term “bohemianista,” is hosting a holiday party at Anthropologie on F Street tonight. (Refinery 29)

Not once, not twice, but thrice Pamela's Punch opens a story with notice that the holidays are upon us. We demand fancier ledes, Pamela! (Pamela's Punch)

DC Socialite’s Kimberly was able to enjoy Tarsier’s Masquerade Ball at the Dunes in Columbia Heights despite being “so not the demographic that this party was trying to reach.” Luckily, the hipsters and non-hipsters were united by a “deep love of food and fun.” (DC Socialite)

Newt Gingrich apparently kept to himself at the Kennedy Center Honors after-party. (Reliable Source) In other Newt news, he says if his wife Callista were to become First Lady, she’d be “a cross between Nancy Reagan and Laura Bush with just a slight bit of Jackie Kennedy tossed in.” Not even a hint of Mamie Eisenhower? (Yeas and Nays)

Prince Andrew, Duke of York, was in town last week to lay a wreath on the plaza outside the U.S. Navy Memorial. (Yeas and Nays)


Hearing from an ex after many years of no communication can conjure Harry Potter metaphors, “like being transported by Portkey, only instead of the Quidditch Cup, the destination is the past.” (Capitol Hill Style)

Talking politics on a first date is far too acceptable; the Post’s Chris Richards just wants to go on an autumnal walk and see how you interact with the world around you; and MORE. (Refinery 29)

Jon Fischer has EVEN more on dating an eligible record critic. (Arts Desk)

If you’re unsure about exchanging gifts with a new beau, have a talk to make sure you are on the same page. You also might want to consider buying a new bra. (50 First (J)Dates)

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