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The Fancy Feast: Merry plastic surgery edition

December 22, 2011 - 06:00 AM
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Photo: David Shankman/flickr.

The Fancy Feast was rendered speechless by this Washingtonian article, which quotes several local plastic surgeons discussing the popularity of cosmetic procedures during the holiday season. Among the reasons why locals like to go under the knife during the season of Christ’s birth:

• Practical: People have enough time off work to recover from their blepharoplasty.
• Financial: Holiday bonuses mean cash for lipo.
• Academic: College students often “receive breast augmentation or rhinoplasty as a present from their parents and want their procedure done while on vacation.”
• Logistical: The cold weather allows an excuse to hide your post-surgery bruises and scars.
• Psychological: People want a new nose to accompany the new year.

Yes, a plethora of reasons why the region should spend this time traditionally devoted to family and religion instead getting sliced, diced, and hiding their mutilated faces indoors. Your loved ones will understand if you can’t go caroling or smooch your sweetheart on New Year’s Eve, lest you disturb your lip injections.


In addition to alerting readers to this plastic surgery holiday onslaught, Washingtonian has named 10 fancy women as bloggers to watch next year. Each gave a piece of style advice, including "it's very important to stay true to who you are" and "don't be afraid to mix it up." (Washingtonian)

Attention, fancy expecting mothers. You might want to consider packing the following in your overnight bag for your child’s birth: dry shampoo to prevent limp locks post-delivery; a colorful pillowcase to make for more attractive post-labor photos; and of course a custom labor and delivery gown. “I know some people will think it’s a waste since it will possibly get ruined, but I want to feel like me and not like a bag lady.” Yeah! (Ask Miss A)

These gentlemen would like you to see more diversity in your ties. (TBD)

Glittarazzi’s Kelly Ann Collins is sick of strangers emailing her three times a day for more than a year; of drunks calling her in the middle of the night; and of receiving birthday presents from people she doesn’t know. I told you it isn’t easy being Glittarazzi. (Twitter)

From the always insightful commentariat at Apartment Therapy DC: Deweydefeatstruman96 lets Girl & Lamp have it about her childish “wood purists” comments. (Apartment Therapy DC)

Without a trace of irony in the middle of this economy, Washington Life's gift guide recommends Jimmy Choo coffee sleeves and a Gucci bicycle. It still manages to look stingy by offering nary a photo. (Washington Life)

Obama family Christmas portrait > All other family Christmas portraits. (White House)

SPEAKING of the First Family, some scrooges at Politico felt it appropriate to out the president on his gift for the girls, which he picked up while shopping in Alexandria. (Politico)

Belle writes about managing money and lights up the message board by saying that “like most women, I am not a financial whiz.” (Capitol Hill Style)


BYT has a lot of flesh-tone looks on its list of the 2011’s worst fashion moments. Also an excellent joke about leopard print. (Brightest Young Things)

Fashion lessons from classic holiday films include: invest in doily collars and tiered ruffles (It’s A Wonderful Life); flatter your curves with one bold color (Love Actually); sleek ballerina buns pair well with tailored coats (The Family Stone); look to Rosemany Clooney for hot to work a midi skirt (White Christmas). (Refinery 29)

Herndon bridal salon owner Miriam Liggett picks four gowns for Britney Spears’ upcoming wedding nuptials. (Washingtonian)

Pictures of people in good outfits, pegged to “how to break the rules of fashion” or something, which is beside the point: People in good outfits! (Fashion of Goodwill)

“Is this the ultimate bag for work AND weekends? We think so!” (Refinery 29)

Spandex is to blame for your fatness. (NPR)

Two ways to wear your sequined pencil skirt. (Capitol Hill Style)


If you’re a Gentile dating a Jewish gal for only a month, do not get her eight gifts for the eight nights of Hanukkah; if you’re sick of being single this holiday season, try to meet people during holiday parties! (Fifty First (J)Dates)


Christopher Hitchens has died. That man knew how to make a nice cup of tea. (Slate)

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