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'Shit DC Says'

January 19, 2012 - 10:50 AM
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This video is making the rounds today:

With stand-out lines like, "Yeah, but H Street is so hard to get to," and an unspoken, dispirited gesture as the Metro train doors close in front of a man, the piece seems to be speaking to the internet, and the internet is speaking back.

A flood of affirmation ("Hilarious! True, and so clever and well-done :) fills the comments sections on YouTube and on the website of the video's creator, SocialStudies DC. Of course not everyone was happy. A sampling of the backlash on YouTube:

"Things Hipsters In DC Say."


"I really hope that you mispronounced Ian MacKaye's name intentionally."


"Boooo this sucks! I couldn't relate to anything in this video. Seriously,? are you really from DC or the suburbs?"


"Please...except for the escalator and Fugazi...this is just "Corny Ass Shit White People Who Live In DC, But? Are NOT From Here, Say"...tired."


And from the Social Studies DC website:

"I think I've seen this one already. Didn't we already do Shit Entitled White Assholes Say? Or am I misremembering?"


Complaining about hipsters/white people who aren't from here/people from the suburbs in D.C.? Congratulations publius02, UntouchableMonkey, et al. You've just added to the list of shit people in D.C. say.

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