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Checking in with Ian MacKaye

January 20, 2012 - 12:17 PM
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One of the more amusing lines in the “Shit DC Says” video that raced through the internet yesterday: “You know who I saw at Target? Ian MacKaye.”

Except the character pronounces it “mackey” when it is in fact pronounced “mah KYE.” Was the mispronunciation deliberate?

Perhaps. The name of MacKaye, former frontman of Fugazi and Minor Threat, owner of Dischord Records, and inventor of the straight edge philosophy, is often said incorrectly, so the video’s pronunciation could be either a genuine mistake or yet another layer of D.C. send-up.

So how does Ian MacKaye feel about his role in the local video-of-the-moment? We will never know. Asked for comment by email, the esteemed musician replied simply:

“you’ve found me, but i’m afraid i don’t have anything to say about the video.

yours, ian”

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