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Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden new season debuts Friday with even more ‘90s-era clothing

January 9, 2012 - 12:33 PM
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Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden is back for season five on Friday, which means more romance, more drama, and more ‘90s wardrobe elements from everyone’s favorite D.C. fictional teens.

The heartfelt web series, based on creator Otessa Ghadar’s memories of growing up in D.C. in the 1990s, has picked up viewers around the world (France!) and received support from the national LGBT community for a storyline exploring a high school lesbian romance. Ghadar promises that the story of Gwen and Sarah will offer new drama now that Gwen has moved to New York.

“It’s a long-distance relationship,” she says. “Which is always sort of angst-filled and problematic.” Without giving away season spoilers, Sarah also starts a band, and several of the characters engage in “weird relationship mix-ups and rematches.”

One element that remains the same in Orange Juice is the rather unusual wardrobe sourcing. The costume budget for the show is “nothing,” says Ghadar, so “we really do have to beg or borrow.” That means hitting up all of her friends’ closets and her own for the clothes they’ve been stashing since 1996.

Ghadar says people are thrilled to be asked for the old dresses and vintage lunchboxes they couldn’t bear to part with when they stopped being cool in the 2000s. “It’s like a very productive episode of hoarders,” she explains. She is personally excited to see Sarah wear what was her favorite necklace as a kid.

“It’s ridiculous little beads in the shape of hearts,” says Ghadar. “Now I get to finally see it get screen time and some love.”

Characters will continue to wear pants more often than is sensible in D.C.’s hot hot summer heat. “One funny thing I remember about being a teenager in the ‘90s in D.C.: I swear we never wore shorts,” says Ghadar. “We were always dressed for Seattle.” She calls the frequent pants-wearing “a funny sort of nod to that time.”

“We were always sweltering.”

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