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The Fancy Feast: Houndstooth reupholstery edition

January 5, 2012 - 07:38 AM
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Fancy news has been rather slow round these parts. Maybe because the fancy people are nursing their Nyquil hangovers. But the Fancy Feast perseveres in scraping up the fanciest bits and pieces of life last week.


D.C. Republican socialites: DIVIDED (Reliable Source)

Donald Trump’s son Eric reveals plans for the new Trump Winery in Virginia. Expect a completely remodeled and extensively redone Tasting Room. (Yeas & Nays)


The best before and after chair reupholsterings of 2011. The rumbling over the grammar of “before and after” in the comments section once again confirms the stellar reputation of the Apartment Therapy commentariat as the fanciest in town. Also: They debate the appropriateness of using houndstooth on a replica Eames recliner. Fanciest ever. (Apartment Therapy DC)

A look inside the renovated Hillandale Mansion in Georgetown, home of Isabel de la Cruz Ernst and her extensive art collection. (Capitol File)

My god, this KITCHEN. (DC by Design)

Bowling alleys in homes. (Curbed)

If you’re going to use a high-gloss paint treatment to give your bachelor pad a very masculine and preppy vibe, be sure your walls are perfectly sanded.
And if you’re going to splurge on tiles for the master bath and do custom build-ins instead of dressers, accented with antique hardware, consider spending a little less on your window treatments. You know, because of the economy. (Washingtonian)

D.C.’s only round house nominated for landmark status. (Prince of Petworth)


You too can live the Karl Lagerfeld lifestyle. (Net-A-Porter)

Jason Wu for Target! Jason Wu for Target! February 5! Will the release go more smoothly than the complete fustercluck that was the Missoni line launch? We’re praying for you, Target. And that that blue poplin dress is still standing in our size when the Target doors open in Columbia Heights in February. (T Magazine)

Pastels dominate the runway for spring, and Belle is not amused. (Capitol Hill Style)

Pamela discusses the challenges of swimsuits, including how to shop for one (post-tan, pre-meal) and how to look good in one (go to the gym). Thanks, Pam. (Pamela’s Punch)

If you’re nervous about introducing your nice boyfriend to your crazy parents, remember that everyone’s family is crazy! Also: You decide your own fate. (Fifty First (J)Dates)

Don’t confuse weepy with contemplative after you’ve become a changed man. (Ask Harry & Louise)

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