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Female at FishbowlDC goes for sexy pot look

February 24, 2012 - 11:09 AM
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Forget about Boys Before Flowers. Washington has its own crop of would-be sexy roses on the loose. And an unusual trend is developing among gossip reporters of the XX persuasion. They’re using provocative, sometimes sexy photographs of woody perennials for their Twitter accounts.

Chocolate strawberries

OK, maybe just one reporter: Betsy Rothstein, editor of FishbowlDC. Yesterday, before she made international news by committing the worst act of D.C. journalism since the Daily Caller's EPA story, she was using the photo above as the avatar for her personal Twitter account. Then everyone rightly mocked the photo as being sexier and more provocative than those of the female reporters she had singled out. Rothstein has since changed her avatar to this photo of roses.

But not just any roses. These ones aren't red or even pink, but rather fuschia, which I'm pretty sure is the color of unrestrained passion (also known as "whoring"). The sexy pot in which they're planted, meanwhile, is conspicuously green, which is the color of fertility (also known as "our primal urge to have unprotected sex"). And look how this naked potted plant, with its come-hither look, refuses to make use of the tulle drapes surrounding it. Cover up, you slut!

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