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Here's the FishbowlDC party invite we didn't receive

February 8, 2012 - 03:08 PM
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Well, this should make for an awkward evening: FishbowlDC, which generally prefers to crash parties rather than throw them, is holding "an evening swim in the Fishbowl" next Thursday at Lost Society. "Meet FishbowlDC's star characters (we'll twist their arms to get them there if we have to) and mingle with our writers," the invitation, which contains nary an insult, reads. "This is our chance to thank an exclusive bunch of readers who have laughed with us, put up with us, and sometimes even shouted at us along the way."

Wait, but I've put up with Fishbowl, and shouted at them! Two of three — that should earn me an invite, right? Alas, I'm not even exclusive enough to follow Fishbowl's Twitter account; I've been blocked, I realized today. I'm not sure where things went wrong between Rothstein and me. We used to be on such good terms! I think maybe this tweet had something to do with it. Oh well. I suppose being blocked by Fishbowl is an honor in itself.

This party "is invitation only and there will be a list at the door," Rothstein writes in her email to invitees. So it's unlikely I'll be able to sneak in and overhear Rothstein calling people stupid idiot coward shithead loser jerks. Below is the purty attachment from the email, which would be more accurate if you replaced the water with blood, and the fish with sharks. And then body-shamed the sharks.


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