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TVs are murdering our babies, the Washington Post reports

February 16, 2012 - 04:13 PM
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Look out behind you! (Flickr/Barbara L. Hanson)

The Washington Post's On Parenting blog has always served as a practical guide for paranoid parents, and today it doesn't disappoint with "How to prevent TVs from falling on children," in which Janice D'Arcy writes:

It is heartbreaking any time a toddler gets seriously hurt or worse, but there is a special torture in knowing that a child’s injury could have been easily prevented.

One of the most common of these tragedies is when a television topples on a child. In recent months there’s been a rash of these deaths in the Chicago area. It has also occurred too many times in the D.C. region.

Go ahead and click through those links. The first one, despite its alarming language, isn't untrue (although this Sun article is more informative). But the second link takes us to a post on the WaPo blog The Crime Scene, "Baby injured by falling TV set." Note that word: injured. Not dead — and certainly no mention of deaths, plural.

Yes, it's quite possible that parents should do more to secure their TV sets, but D'Arcy needn't make this sound like an epidemic just to get her point across.

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