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The Fancy Feast: Target designer lines go to crap edition

February 7, 2012 - 09:54 AM
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Jason Wu, we hardly knew thee. The designer's much-anticipated line for Target debuted Sunday and was over a few hours later thanks to ravenous fashionistas. In one Miami store, a couple bought out the location's entire Wu stock with plans to resell it, which caused uproar coast to coast and Facebook to Twitter. ("So awful!!! What is wrong with people?!?") Pieces are going on ebay for twice their listed price.

Twitteristas report that local stores sold out of Wu's line by morning, leaving them Wu-less and heartbroken. Some have taken to Target's Facebook page to post updates about which items have come back into stock online ("the black trench is back up!") and brag about how often they're refreshing the Target page.

Are the clothes cute? Sure, but that's beside the point. Once, long ago, normal people could walk into Target at any hour of the day and buy a fancy Paul and Joe leather jacket without having to devote hours to refreshing a web page or get up early. Fancy doesn't mean obsessive. Let's try to get back to a good place, Target.


Confused about how to impress men with your look? Refinery 29 has put together thoughts from local fancy dudes to confuse, er, help you navigate the waters. A few takeaways:

DO wear bold and bright colors.

DON’T wear bright colors.

DON’T wear sneakers, unless you are beautiful and they are high-top Chucks.

DO wear high-waisted jeans!

DON’T wear high-waisted jeans!

DO wear oversized tanks that show your bra, but DON’T wear revealing clothing.

Also: try to look tough, sexy, fun, smart, and genuine! And don’t straighten your hair! And never carry your reusable grocery bag to work, even if you’re touting leftover veal piccata for lunch and are trying to avoid a purse spill.

It turns out that, like women, men have different views on what looks good. So here’s a thought: Wear whatever the hell you want!


Local Fancy Person Andrea Rodgers praised the National Museum of Women in the Arts soiree for bringing together old socialites and young socialites. (Ask Miss A)

Senator Susan Collins is engaged to management consultant Thomas Daffron, whom she met working in the Senate during the 1970s. Cute. Even cuter: Reliable Source has a tagged category for “Love.” (Reliable Source)

Local boutique Sassanova could be getting a reality show: “Customers come in with ‘emergency’ shoes and accessory situations, and Jacobs, Cannova, and staff solve them.” Ok. (Washingtonian)

Indoor cycling studio in Clarendon uses only chlorine-free paper and soy ink in its marketing materials. (Pamela’s Punch)

One tip on how to conquer a lack of energy, which is apparently an epidemic problem being addressed by many magazines: spraying essential oils on your pillows and sheets. Lavender is suggested. (Deacon Does DC)

D.C. losing several fancy people to New York. (Twitter)


Parquet floors are not fancy enough for composer Marcos Galvany. Before moving into his Watergate apartment, he had the parquet removed and replaced with light brown fossil marble, even in the room he planned to completely cover with carpet. “I had the parquet taken out in the bedroom because I would have known it was still there, even if I didn’t see it.” (Capitol File)

Alex Ovechkin’s fancy $4.2 million McLean home has chandeliers in most of the rooms and a penguin scene etched into the glass bathroom sink. (Curbed DC)

Fancy Georgetown house tour. Commenters respond with measured ambivalence. (Apartment Therapy DC)

This vintage retro ‘60s white naugahyde couch can be yours for $600 and the cost of gas to get to Hunt Valley. (Craigslist)

And buying a fancy couch makes you a grown-up. (Twitter)


SpicyCandyDC is retiring its red skinny jeans from the blog. (SpicyCandyDC)

Scalloped hems can be fun! (Fashionably Broke)

Natalie Grasso introduces the D.C. Fashion Incubator’s first crop of incubates. (Washingtonian)

An age-old fancy problem: How to look hot when it’s cold. (Washingtonian)

BYT has a new street style feature curated by local style bloggers. Pretty nice. This one has a bunch of gingers. (BYT)

Also on BYT: This great interview with local gal-about-town Emily Wall, who discusses, among other things, why she doesn’t shop much, how her haircut channels both Elvis and Audrey Hepburn, and how she manages to fit all of her clothes on one rack. (BYT)


Who is the hottest fancy chef in Washington? VOTE (Eater DC)

I demand cakes baked in the fashion of a red Valentino dress! (Apollinas, via Refinery 29)


Diane von Furstenberg’s penthouse. (Architectural Digest)

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