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Weekend shows: Locals!

June 20, 2012 - 01:41 PM
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Pat McGee (Photo via Facebook)

I bet you never thought a bunch of local noisemakers would headline the gigantic Fillmore. Or that a bunch of lawyers would take over the Black Cat to raise money for charity. One of the reasons I started was to help promote local bands' concerts around town, and there are a ton of notable local shows this weekend.

Banding Together '12
Thursday, June 21 at the Black Cat, $10

Events like these probably don't happen anywhere outside of DC: a bunch of lawyers put together bands and battle it out to raise money for charity. The show will take place on both stages at the Black Cat, so this is your chance to see bands with (admittedly nerdy!) names like Beats Workin, Sutherland Comfort, Attractive Nuisance, Law & Disorder, and Jazz Ipsa Loquitur. Here's how the charity part works: concert attendees will vote, "Chicago-style", for the bands that perform, where $1 equals one vote. Proceeds go to Gifts For the Homeless, which will purchase clothing and distribute it to ~35 shelters across the area. The bar is set high: last year's event raised over $150,000(!).

The Plums, Hawkins Mullinax Pirog, Lost Civilizations, and Colla Parte
Thursday, June 21 at the Fillmore, $15

The Fillmore might be the biggest room that these local experimental bands have ever played in. It's all for a good cause, too: proceeds from this concert will go to Sonic Circuits (the experimental music promotions company that culminates in a major festival in the fall) and Pyramid Atlantic (an arts center in Silver Spring that often hosts Sonic Circuits events).

Washington Early Music Festival: Suspicious Cheese Lords
Friday, June 22 at St. Mark's Episcopal Church on Capitol Hill, $20 (adults) / $15 (students)

You're probably thinking that the "Suspicious Cheese Lords" don't even sound like a real band. This all-male choral group (their name is a bastardization of the phrase "Suscipe quæso Domine") specializes in music from the Middle Ages and unrecorded works of Renaissance composers. This show is part of the Early Music Festival, and the SCL will be performing works about Joan of Arc by Guillaume Dufay, John Dunstaple, and more. (It is the 600th anniversary of her birth).

Del Ray Music Festival
Saturday, June 23, FREE

The Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria is having a huge festival on Saturday, which includes local bands Derek Evry & his band of Misanthropes, Chatham Street, and the Kate Moran Band, plus a headlining set by Richmond's Pat McGee Band. They've gotten the neighborhood in the mood, too; this whole week has featured a ton of local performances at small Del Ray shops and venues.

These and other show listings can be found on ShowListDC.


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