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Justice for Marc Fisher's son: Plea deal reached for home invasion that involved Facebook taunts

February 22, 2011 - 04:56 PM
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A 19-year-old who authorities believe broke into the home of the Washington Post's Marc Fisher, stole his son's laptop, iPod and money — then mocked the teen on his Facebook page — has taken a plea deal.

Rodney Knight Jr. pleaded guilty Tuesday to second-degree burglary, a charge that carries a recommended one- to three-year prison sentence. Knight is scheduled to be sentenced in May, according to a news release. 

Fisher wrote about the burglary for the Post in December. The account sounded both frightening and depressing, especially the part about how the suspect accessed Fisher's son's Facebook page and mocked him on the Internet.

"That's when the pathetic indignity of the burglary hit," Fisher wrote. "Here was a space that my son had carefully walled off from public view, limiting access to his page to his friends and schoolmates. And now a lowlife stranger was taunting him in that presumably private zone."

Knight, a District resident, also pleaded guilty to an unrelated gun charge.

In case you were wondering, that list of movies detailing every film that Fisher's son had watched wasn't recovered, Fisher says in a phone interview.


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