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Marion Barry's car booted: Councilman pays 6 of 9 outstanding parking tickets, boot removed

March 1, 2011 - 12:22 PM
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(Photo: Andy Zmidzinski/ABC7)

D.C. Councilman and former mayor Marion Barry says it's not a "big thing" that his Jaguar was booted near his home at 4th and Orange streets SE.

Barry was able to pay six of the nine tickets that led to the boot, which was enough to have it removed Tuesday afternoon.

A check of records initially found nine unpaid parking tickets, with the cumulative fines valued at $705. Barry was required to pay six tickets, valued at $520, to have his vehicle released.

When ABC7's Sam Ford asked about the tickets and booting, Barry replied, "That's no big thing."

"I'm not spending three seconds on that subject," Barry told Sam Ford when asked about his parking woes. He declined to specify how he got to work Tuesday.

"Whatever it is I got the money to pay it -- my personal money."

It's not Barry's only brush with the law. He has also been in trouble over failing to file tax returns, and has liens against his income.

List of tickets that were paid to remove the boot

  • 10/15/2010 FAIL DISP MULTI RCPT 0500 BLOCK 8TH ST SE EAST SIDE 12/15/2010 Y $55.00
  • 10/29/2010 FIRE HYDRANT, 10FT 500 BLOCK 12TH ST SE EAST SIDE 12/29/2010 Y $105.00
  • 11/08/2010 ABREAST 1200 BLOCK G ST NW NORTH SIDE 01/08/2011 Y $105.00
  • 11/18/2010 STOP SIGN IN 25 FT 1350 PENNSYLVANIA AV NW 01/18/2011 Y $65.00
  • 12/29/2010 EXPIRED METER 1000 5TH ST NW 03/01/2011 Y $50.00
  • 06/28/2010 NO PARKING ANYTIME 1300 BLOCK U ST NW NORTH SIDE 08/28/2010 Y $65.00

Tickets that remain outstanding.

  • 01/18/2011 NO PARKING ANYTIME 501 FRONT 8TH ST SE WEST SIDE N $60.00
  • 02/15/2011 PARK IN BUS ZONE 539 FRONT 8TH ST SE WEST SIDE N $100.00

DPW Director William Howland Jr.

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