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Mt. Pleasant Library renovations getting underway

August 20, 2010 - 03:42 PM
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Mt. Pleasant Library
D.C. Public Library announced this week that it has the permits it needs to begin renovations of the Mt. Pleasant LIbrary branch. (Photo: TBD Staff)

After something like two years of protests, petitions and public meetings on the topic, the D.C. Public Library announced this week that it's at last been issued building permits for renovations to the Mt. Pleasant Library. Concerns over the length and grade of the proposed design for a new wheelchair accessible ramp have continued since the historic building closed in March, but DCPL issued a statement making it clear that, permits in hand, they are pushing ahead.

We have taken note of and responded to all questions and concerns regarding the Mt Pleasant Library project. We greatly appreciate the active involvement from residents of Mt. Pleasant and throughout Ward One; the design has been improved by the community engagement. The new library will be equipped with multiple spaces for library programs and community meetings, expanded areas for children, teens and adults, and space for to up to 80,000 books. We expect the library to re-open in fall 2011. We look forward to joining the community in celebrating the newly renovated Mt. Pleasant Library.

A construction trailer now sits parked outside the library's entrance on Lamont Street, and workers were indeed spotted Friday removing debris from the building.

DCPL spokesperson George Williams says details on the construction schedule won't be available until the first project planning meeting takes place next week. In the meantime, workers at the site are busy removing trash, clearing and prepping the building for construction, and salvaging whatever they can. Area non-profit Second Chance, for instance, is working to remove and save some of the windows that were in place in the former sun porch, which will not uncontroversially be demolished during the course of the renovation. 

Mt. Pleasant Library renovations
(Photo: Sommer Mathis)

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