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Roadwork to continue on Washington Blvd. into next week

August 30, 2010 - 08:35 AM
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Road Repaving
A repaving project on Washington Boulevard began Friday and will last into next week. (Photo: TBD Staff)

A quick update on the ongoing paving projects in Clarendon, which caused gridlock in some places in the neighborhood late last week.

Paving work was completed on the section of Wilson Boulevard between North Highland Street and Washington Boulevard, meaning that the stretch of road between the Courthouse and Clarendon Metro stations is now complete. (Well, except for two blocks, between Fillmore and Highland — could it have something to do with the massive Clarendon Center construction project right there?)

Pavement is blank there right now, but it won't be a traffic free-for-all for too long. Wilson Boulevard will be re-lined this week, according to Arlington County Department of Environmental Services spokesperson Shannon Whalen McDaniel.

The project on Washington Boulevard, however, will stretch out until the middle of next week, she says. Crews from the Virginia Department of Transportation milled one east/southbound lane of the state road from Wilson Boulevard to Pershing Drive on Friday.

They will pave that strip today and mill one lane on the other side of the street, and continue milling and paving in segments until that entire section of road is repaved. The work is expected to last until the middle of next week, barring any major weather delays.


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