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Bedbugs video from D.C. Dept. of Health: Totally gross

September 22, 2010 - 05:00 AM
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They've paralyzed New York City. They've caused Chicago to host an entire summit about them. And on Monday, they forced Frederick, Md.'s Urbana Regional Library to go to great lengths to destroy them.

Ever since national pest control company Terminix released its terror-inducing ranking last month on the top bedbug-infested cities nationwide (D.C. came in 9th), we've been watching and waiting. Are they finally here in droves? How much worse will it get?

While we ponder these bone-chilling questions, take a few minutes to check out this amazing D.C. Department of Health video from 2009, featuring the city's best-named bureaucrat, DOH director Dr. Pierre Vigilance. Not only is it likely to make you want to skip lunch, it's also full of helpful tips!


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