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North Moore Street in Rosslyn will no longer go both ways

October 6, 2010 - 01:16 PM
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North Moore Street
A sign warning drivers of upcoming traffic changes on North Moore Street, expected to take effect Oct. 9. (Photo: TBD Staff)

North Moore Street in Rosslyn (in front of the Rosslyn Metro station) will change to a one-way street starting this Saturday, Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock reports.

The street will only accommodate traffic southbound towards Wilson Boulevard for the foreseeable future due to construction projects about to start on either side of North Moore Street.

Arlington County has placed signs warning drivers of the change on Wilson Boulevard.

Arlington plans to begin work on a new access to the Rosslyn Metro station, including three new elevators, later this fall, and Monday Properties will begin construction on the 1812 North Moore Street building Oct. 14.

As a result, taxis will no longer be picking up passengers on North Moore, and will instead wait on Fort Myer Drive near the back entrance of the Rosslyn Metro station. Bus stops will also be relocated. We brought you word of the ART bus stop changes last week, but exactly what changes are in store for Metrobus stops are still unclear.

The construction will also lead to the closure of Annie's Park, the small park next to McDonald's, according to Arlington County. The jury's still out on how the changes will affect the near constant jaywalking at this spot.  We'll update you as we know more.



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