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No ice rink in Rockville, but one for Silver Spring

December 14, 2010 - 10:30 AM
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Ice skating
Go to Silver Spring if you want to ice skate this winter. (Photo: Associated Press)

If you want to hit the ice this winter, think Silver Spring instead of Rockville.

Rockville Town Square won't be getting a rink this year because of some complicated engineering difficulties in getting a rink installed there. But it seems that the Rockville rink operator Tri-State Ice Management will still build and run the Silver Spring rink, at least according to managing partner Lance Curran, who promises the rink will open this winter.

Last week, Montgomery County awarded the Tri-State Ice Management a contract to operate the rink on Silver Spring's Veterans' Plaza, and Curran says "we're now just awaiting the formalities." He expects the contract to be totally finalized within a day or two. After that, details on exactly when the rink will open, how much it will cost to skate there, and its hours of operation will be available (although that hasn't stopped us from speculating).


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  1. Resident Resident

    Dr L

    Dec 14, 2010 - 12:58:25 PM

    For heavens' sake! That "plaza" is a concrete dead-zone, designed to be "THE ICE RINK WE PROMISED YOU" and in reality a miserable, cold and soul-killing horror. Right NOW, while it's the Holidays, it's COLD, and it's an IDEAL time to open the skating rink (no one really wanted anyway) ... the county is finally negotiating with a rink operator? Guess they think we'll WANT to skate in May!... (of 2012)

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