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Arlington to get 16 more Bikeshare stations (Poll)

December 24, 2010 - 07:32 AM
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Bikeshare bikes
More Capital Bikeshare bikes will come to Rosslyn next year. (Photo: TBD Staff)

We've known for a while that Arlington wants to bring more Capital Bikeshare stations to the county, but what we didn't know was when or where. Now the folks over at CaBi, along with BikeArlington, have released plans to put up 16 new stations in Arlington's Rosslyn-Ballston corridor (D.C. will also get 20 additional stations).

Most likely, the first of the new Arlington stations will be in Rosslyn, according to BikeArlington's Tim Kelley. "Rosslyn will definitely be the first place they'll go because of the connectivity to Georgetown and the rest of D.C.," Kelley tells TBD in an email. "We've been looking at a number of potential sites but don't have anything set in stone."

But Arlington County itself is only planning to fund about three of those stations on its own, Clarendon Patch reports; Capital Bikeshare is seeking private partners for most of the others, and said Thursday that "funding has been identified" for the 16 stations.

Partners have not been announced as yet, however. "There is some county money available, but we'd very much like to partner with local businesses and companies," Kelley says. The first stations in Rosslyn likely wouldn't be installed until the spring.

Down in Crystal City, where the first bike sharing stations went in, the Crystal City Business Improvement District and a Potomac Yard business group foots the bill for those 14 stations. With BIDs in Rosslyn and now Ballston, that could be an option for bringing more bike sharing to the corridor, although one leader of the newly formed Ballston BID told TBD last week that the group still may have to seek out grants or other funding mechanisms for the relatively expensive bike sharing stations.

So dreams of zipping up (or, more likely, down) Rosslyn to and from Courthouse or Clarendon aren't going to be fulfilled immediately. I'll admit, with no stations near where I live or work most of the time, I haven't felt pressed to join yet. What about the rest of you, Arlington? Take our bikeshare poll:


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  1. robpitingolo robpitingolo

    Rob P

    Dec 27, 2010 - 10:14:51 AM

    I'm cautious about CaBi in the R-B corridor given that there are only going to be 16 stations. I live in Ballston and I'd use CaBi to go anywhere along the R-B corridor, possible to Georgetown, but any trip longer than that, I'd take my own bike. Now, if stations were ONLY installed in Ballston and Rosslyn (most likely given funding options) it wouldn't be particularly useful, since I visit Courthouse and Clarendon a lot more than I visit Rosslyn.

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