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Silver Spring parking meters to benefit the homeless

December 6, 2010 - 04:40 PM
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Parking meter
After Wednesday, you can help the homeless by feeding select Downtown Silver Spring parking meters. (Photo: TBD Staff)

Wondering what the deal is with those randomly-placed parking meters on Downtown Silver Spring's sidewalks?

Well those meters, now covered with "No Parking" signs yet not at parking spots, will be used to collect change to benefit the homeless in the downtown area as part of the "Change Matters Meters for the Homeless" program.

Silver Spring-based nonprofit Shepherd's Table will manage the recycled meters, which are painted turqoise. But don't try to drop change in them now — they won't be unveiled until after 2 p.m., Wednesday. The four meters have gone up in locations throughout downtown, including near the Silver Spring Civic Building, Veterans Plaza, and downtown's fountain.

The change would be welcome help to the 27-year-old nonprofit group, which has hopes to eventually move into a larger facility. But given Montgomery County's current budget crisis, that move may be a long, long way off.


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