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Mary Hynes will use Metro to get to Metro board meetings

January 6, 2011 - 07:30 AM
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Metro train
Look for new Metro board member Mary Hynes on the Metro. (Photo: Jay Westcott)

Mary Hynes, Arlington's new member of the Metro Board of Directors, comes from one of the D.C. area's most transit friendly neighborhoods. So taking a cue from the On Foot Blog's point about new board member Tommy Wells, we asked her how often she actually rides Metro.

(Arlington also prides itself on pedestrian and bicycle programs, as you may know, so Hynes' transit use isn't necessarily a given.)

The answer? "I'm a couple times a month rider at this point," she says. "Whenever I have to go downtown, I take the train." Hynes will take over for Chris Zimmerman, who resigned from the board last month.

Hynes, a self-described avid pedestrian, is vocal about her routine of walking from her Clarendon home to the county offices and elsewhere on the Rosslyn to Ballston strip. But she uses Metro when she's not walking, she says.

She plans to take Metro to the Metro board meetings, she says, out of principle, but also out of necessity.

"My husband and I, we're a one car family," she says. "I can't take the car down to Metro board. It's not happening."

Hynes had a bit of a test run when she attended Monday's Riders Advisory Council hearing on the bag screenings WMATA recently implemented.

She did opt to walk from the Orange line at Metro Center, however, rather than transferring to the Red line. "I hate changing trains, I will admit," she says.

Who doesn't, Mary. Who doesn't.


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