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The original version of this post mis-identified the location of the proposed Courthouse Metro bikeshare station. The station is planned for the northeast corner of the North 15th Street - North Uhle Street intersection, in front of 2049 N. 15th Street.

Four CaBi stations in Rosslyn, Courthouse coming in March

February 15, 2011 - 12:32 PM
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View Proposed CaBi Station location at Courthouse Metro in a larger map

Folks in Rosslyn and Courthouse who have been waiting with bated breath for Capital Bikeshare's shiny red bikes to pop up in their neighborhoods won't have to wait much longer. Locations for the first four stations in the Rosslyn-Ballston corridor — which stretch from Rosslyn to the Courthouse Metro — have been all but finalized, as People-Powered Arlington first reported, and installation will begin in mid-March.

What's more, Capital Bikeshare should have 16 stations installed in the corridor stretching all the way to Ballston by sometime this spring, according to Paul DeMaio of Metrobike, a consultant for Arlington working on the program.

The first four stations will be located at the following spots:

• North 19th Street and North Lynn Street, on the service road on the northwest corner;

• Rosslyn Metro, near the back entrance, at the southwest corner of Fort Myer Drive and Wilson Boulevard;

• North Pierce Street and Clarendon Boulevard; a location on the midpoint of the Rosslyn hill, on the northwest corner of the intersection (just a block away from Ray's Hell Burger, et. al.); and

• Courthouse Metro, behind the main entrance, at North 15th and North Uhle Street, which will no doubt add to the madness already created by the pedestrian crosswalk/cab stand/bus stop/Zipcar station already at this site.

View Proposed CaBi station location at North Lynn and North 19th Streets in Rosslyn in a larger map

Each of these stations will be installed on the street as opposed to the sidewalk, possibly displacing a couple of parking spots in these locations. "Sidewalk space in Rosslyn is quite tight," DeMaio says. (You don't have to tell Metro Halal.) "The priority is to put them on the sidewalk without blocking pedestrian circulation, but when those spaces are not available, putting the stations on street is our second choice," he adds.

As for the rest of the corridor, funding is expected to be available for the additional 12 stations this spring, although the orders have not officially been placed. The Clarendon, Virginia Square and Ballston Metro stations will all have the CaBi stations, says DeMaio, as well as the Central Library on Fairfax Drive and North Quincy, and one corner of Fairfax Drive and North Glebe Road.

They are still seeking sponsors for additional stations to fill in the corridor, DeMaio says, and there are active discussions underway. "The goal is every three blocks, so it will be just like riding a bus, where you can hop off the bus every couple of blocks," he says.

The next step after the immediate area would be "fattening the spine" — namely, stretching out into the residential neighborhoods surrounding the corridor. Could Bikeshare eventually stretch all the way to Lee Highway? Maybe, says DeMaio, but "it's going to take a little bit of time to get all the way to Lee Highway."

Update: DeMaio calls back to clarify that plans "definitely" include bringing Capital Bikeshare all the way to Lee Highway from the R-B Corridor in Arlington at some point, but "we don't know yet if it will happen this year."


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