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'Transformers 3': Bumblebee crashes into D.C. police SUV on movie set (Video)

October 12, 2010 - 05:23 AM
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The yellow 'Bumblebee' car gets carted off after the accident. (Photo: Jay Westcott)

UPDATE, 2:37 p.m.: According to DDOT and D.C. police, road closures for the filming of Transformers 3 will resume this evening now that a safety review has been conducted on the set.

UPDATE 5:18 a.m.: As the crash investigation continues, filming on closed Washington streets has been suspended until safety procedures are reviewed, AP reports.


Considering how much of an unbearable slog this Columbus Day has been, it seems only fitting that I end your day with some mediocre video of a car accident (below). I shrugged. So will you.

It happens pretty early in the first video, and right around the 1:15 mark in the second video. Hat tip Aaron at DCist.

For a much better angle head over to the video at MyFoxDC, which was apparently filming when the crash occurred. It appears a car-slash-character known in the film as Bumblebee struck a D.C. police SUV as they were shooting a scene. The crash does not appear to have been part of Ehren Krueger's script.

Also, this is the closest I'll get to seeing any installment of the Transformers 3 franchise.

Metropolitan Police say the officer involved in the crash suffered minor injuries Monday afternoon at the accident at 3rd Street and Maryland Avenue S.W. The officer was taken to a hospital.

According to the Associated Press, a fire official says the crash is under investigation and that filming on closed streets has been suspended until safety procedures are reviewed.

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