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Metro's talking buses now advising you on traffic safety

November 9, 2010 - 10:01 AM
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In the last couple of days, two tipsters dropped us a line to let us know they'd been yelled at not by bus drivers but by the buses themselves. The talking Metrobuses' message? “Pedestrian, this bus is turning! Pedestrian, this bus is turning!”

We checked with Metro yesterday, and spokesman Reggie Woodruff said they were working on a pilot program for a public-address system on buses but he didn't think they'd started anything yet. Obviously, they have. Several staffers here at TBD told me they've been advised -- quite forcefully, they add -- by talking buses in recent days. These buses have been heard in Mount Pleasant, Logan Circle, Chinatown, and Brookland.

This morning Unsuck DC Metro posted some video and audio of the message, so go check it out.

I think it's a good idea to alert people to a bus or truck turning right, since that's how a lot of people end up getting run over, even when they're in the crosswalk and obeying the walk signal. The complaint so far has been that these voluble buses are just too darn loud.

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