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Metro delays: Track fire at Metro Center leads to lost work hours, widespread misery

December 13, 2010 - 09:29 AM
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Sad-sack crowds at Rosslyn. (Photo: Dave Jamieson)

Thanks to a fire on the tracks near Metro Center, a commute that should take about 35 minutes door-to-door took well over an hour this morning. It was miserable. On an Orange Line train headed from Stadium-Armory to Rosslyn, we held for several minutes at virtually every station as we approached Metro Center. There were dejected-looking throngs standing on the platforms of the downtown stations, unable to board because our train was so packed. The doors would open and they would just stare at us, pathetically, for minutes. Then the doors would shut and we’d roll off to our next anguished stop.

Most amazingly, nobody said a word throughout this eternal ride, even when I baited my fellow passengers with annoyed mumbles. Everyone simply stared down into his or her lap, beyond grievance. When we finally arrived at Rosslyn the platform looked like a still life of Metro on Inauguration Day. Hundreds of people not going anywhere. A poor sap who’d just stepped off the escalator said it best: “This looks discouraging.” Happy Monday, fellow.

A full recap of the morning commute follows the jump.


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