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New Metro board member has been known to ride Metro

January 3, 2011 - 04:09 PM
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Tommy Wells: known to ride buses, trains. (D.C. Council photo)

D.C. councilmember Tommy Wells has been tapped to be the District’s voting member on the Metro board of directors. By plucking Wells to replace fellow councilmember Jim Graham, chairman Kwame Brown appears to be making good on a recent recommendation he endorsed to local governments: that they fill the Metro board with people who actually ride Metro.

You were more likely to spot Graham idling beside you at a light in his trademark Volkwagen Beetle, rather than plopping down in the seat beside you on the 42. But Wells is a true multi-modal transit user. His affection for bike lanes is well known (and sometimes used against him politically), and he’s often spotted riding Metro rail back to his home on Capitol Hill.

Wells chief of staff Charles Allen confirms that Wells rides Metrobus and rail “once every day or two,” though in the nicer weather he prefers to commute to and from the Wilson Building by bike. “But he gets to and from work either by bus, rail or bike” every day.

Frankly, the board could use some more folks like that.

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