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Metrobus drivers being assaulted more often

March 2, 2011 - 12:06 PM
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A juvenile was stabbed in the gut on a W6 Metrobus last night on Pomeroy Road SE in the District, according to Metro. The boy was taken to George Washington Hospital.

Metro produced some crime statistics last week, and assaults and other violent crimes like last night's are up pretty much across the board. But if you feel less safe on a Metrobus these days, just be grateful you're not a Metrobus driver. There were 90 assaults on drivers last year -- up from 71 in 2009 -- and those incidents accounted for 32% of all assaults on the system.

Last week Metro Transit Police Chief Michael Taborn said that in 32 of those attacks, drivers were either "struck, punched, slapped, or grabbed." In another 20 incidents, people threw rocks at the windshield, which can send glass into the driver's eye. And another 20 drivers were threatened by riders, many of whom were arguing over fare.

Not exactly a stress-fee job.

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