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Picture of the day: WMATA wants people to know it's listening

August 31, 2011 - 04:37 PM
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Metro's keeping both ears open. (Photo: John Hendel)

WMATA has spent 2011 trying not only to revamp the busted elements of its system through Metro Forward but also to let people know the transit agency cares. Don't believe 'em? They're saying it in big letters on posters! Just today, Greater Greater Washington referred to the need for transit agencies to have "active engagement" and cited WMATA's recent turnaround. I saw a big sign when walking through the Metro recently that seemed to reflect just that spirit.

"You're on," a poster reads in the L'Enfant Plaza Metro station, "and we're listening.'

The poster instructs people to check out WMATA's public hearings page to "attend a combined open house/town hall meeting/public hearing starting at 5:30 p.m. for an opportunity to discuss proposed changes to some Metrobus routes, the Anacostia station bus fare, and changes to the frequency of Metrorail trains on the weekend." No dates are mentioned.

I took a photo of this sign, featured below, perhaps a week and a half ago. Good thinking, Metro, I first thought. Yes. Let people know if you're doing stuff and have that signage out in the open. And sure enough, I followed the poster's instructions and went to the site...

...only to discover the advertised hearing happened in mid-May! Oh, WMATA. You've gotta take this outdated sign down. The spirit in which it was put up — nearly a full season ago — was a positive one, at least. But how did workers forget to remove this poster for what must have been around three months?

Here's the full poster:

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At L'Enfant Plaza (Photo: John Hendel)
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