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64-year-old Indian motorcycle still rides strong on D.C. streets (video)

September 12, 2011 - 05:14 PM
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Still riding six decades later. (Photo: YouTube/dynamitedavedotcom)

The wild thing about some vehicles is that when built with the right parts, driven with the right care, and treated by the right hands, they'll just last and last. I love this recent video below, which shows a man tuning up an Indian motorcycle from 1947 and riding off onto the District streets on it. Can you imagine how old this vehicle is and how many places and riders it's probably known? This motorcycle has practically reached what would be retirement age for a human being, and yet it's still moving around right here in Washington, D.C. thanks to proper maintenance and care.

Apparently the rider bought the gray old bike a quarter century ago ... "before they were cool" as Dynamite Dave, the man who took and uploaded the video, phrases it.

Dynamite Dave is a regional motorcycle enthusiast who has collected and celebrated multiple old cars, from a 1957 International Harvester Truck to a 1971 Porsche 914. Antique cars can become an obsession for some people. I'll admit there's a style and flair to these old models that we rarely see today.

Seeing old vehicles like this six-decades-old motorcycle in action reminds of the old American cars preserved in Cuba for so many years after the U.S. and the island country stopped trading in the 1960s. Look at some photos of Cuban streets in recent decades, and the car models will date back half a century — a visually stunning, jarring look at the past well preserved in the present. Just consider this 2006 photo of Cuban taxis:

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Blast from the past. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

To drive the streets of Cuba is like time traveling. Watch this documentary "Classic American Cars of Cuba" to get a better sense for how the island of Cuba evolved into a time capsule for classic American cars. It's a testament to how old cars like the Indian motorbike above can still ride strong.

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