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Here's what busy transit looks like in Bangladesh (video)

September 15, 2011 - 09:45 AM
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Visions of Dhaka. (Photo: Vimeo/Daniel Nuss)

D.C., I know your rush hour traffic is bad, and as of yesterday, we learned that parking has always been bad. But as we know from IBM's Commuter Pain Index a few days ago, there are many cities around the world that suffer from worse transportation woes than we in the District do.

One excellent video spotlighting what busy transit looks like on the other side of the world shows Dhaka, Bangladesh, filmed in miniature. See the cars race by. See the pedestrians crush together in massive crowds. See the bike commuters angling around corners. All these vehicles also navigate around about 400,000 rickshaws every day — Dhaka has been called "the rickshaw capital of the world," according to BBC. Daniel Nuss shot the video this year, and I was amazed to consider the frenzy of the Bangladeshi traffic. Dhaka is the ninth largest city in the world, with around 15 million people living in its metropolitan area. Can you imagine getting to work amid all that?

Watch for yourself and look at your morning commute in a whole new way:

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