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One city emerges victorious from Zipcar's Low Car Diet challenge

September 13, 2011 - 03:17 PM
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(Photo: flickr/benthomas)

...but sadly, the victorious city is not Washington, D.C.

Vancouver just won the month-long Zipcar Low Car Diet challenge, which pitted three-member teams from 12 cities against one another in an initiative full of social media and car-free glory. Zipcar just announced the winner this afternoon, and it seemed worth noting, especially after showing the thousands of dollars you can save by choosing public transit over the automobile, according to APTA. People voted on the winners in recent weeks.

Alas, Vancouver won. How could Vancouver beat these great D.C. challengers featured below?

The Low Car Diet website sums up the totals for its 36 challengers: 708 trips by bike, 1,207 trips by foot, 1,175 trips by public transit, 126 trips by Zipcar. On foot won.

Read more about the D.C. challengers in Zipcar's Low Car Diet challenge here in this piece from last month. I talked with challenger Andrew Bossi shortly after the challenge began and have been enjoying his many low-car tweets and dispatches in the weeks since.

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