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Picture of the day: Driving onto the subway?

September 19, 2011 - 11:25 AM
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Don't mind the tiny car. (Photo: Reddit/MagnusMathisen)

D.C. residents combine multiple forms of transit every day. People wake and walk to their cars to drive to commuter parking lots, to walk to their Capital Bikeshare station to bike to work, to Zipcar, to Metro, to MARC, and so on. But what to make of this photo above — how many people drive these tiny cars onto their local subway cars?

It's a wild image and one that comes to us from Reddit user MagnusMathisen less than a week ago, via Boing Boing, with the simple comment: "Not sure if handicapped or sociopathically lazy." These subway riders don't seem to mind that a tiny little black car is sitting on their car. The guy inside the vehicle is wearing business casual and nonchalantly reading a magazine. Can you imagine how WMATA riders would react to such a vehicle inching its way onto the cars? It wouldn't stand a chance in D.C.'s rush hour.

Reddit commenters identify the subway system as that of Oslo, Norway. Others online suggest — correctly, I believe — that we're looking at the Hungarian Kenguru Car, "the electric car for disabled people" according to its website. I'm fascinated by the car and like the concept. Might we see more of these in the United States soon? I wonder.

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