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United Nations Secretary Ban Ki-Moon: The world's newest biking advocate

September 22, 2011 - 03:00 PM
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Get this man a bike. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Just three days ago in New York City, a mere day before Capital Bikeshare's first birthday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, head of the United Nations, revealed his passion as a biking fan. Yes, D.C., believe me. The man loves it — thinks it's great and that more of you should be investing in biking gear, helmets, and bikeshare memberships in the name of better global health. He sees biking as a way to fight non-communicable diseases.

"When people cycle to work instead of driving, they get exercise and the planet is spared more greenhouse gas emissions," Ki-moon told people at a high-level General Assembly event. "When children are fed a nutritious diet at school, their attendance goes up and these eating habits can last a lifetime. When a woman has the access to quality screening and vaccines to prevent cervical cancer, her life can be saved."

Ki-moon is emphasizing lifestyle choices that will make us better in the next century, and cycling and walking certainly rank among those. What a good message to consider from a world leader on Car Free Day.

Hat tip to Politico for flagging the speech.

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