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Walking it back: Bikes everywhere for Capital Bikeshare's birthday

September 24, 2011 - 09:10 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

It's been the week of the bike here at TBD. If you're a bicyclist or even remotely curious about how biking culture has affected transit in Washington, D.C., I encourage you to visit our central Bike Day page, which features many of the stories, confessions, cases, and galleries from multiple members of the TBD staff. See the scary bike hazards around D.C., read confessions of an aggressive cyclist, watch video of the best urban bike commute in America — all collected here on TBD's Bike Day page for your easy access.

Naturally I also talked a lot about biking and other transit news here, of course, especially considering Capital Bikeshare turned one year old this Tuesday. Let's review the biggest transit stories of the week:

• How did bikesharing come to Washington, D.C.? Here's how in photos.

• Remember D.C.'s first initial try at bikesharing with SmartBike? I talked to an MBA professor at Emory about how it seemed designed to fail.

• See photos of all the fancy art cars at H Street!

• A Montana filmmaker is coming out with a documentary about the VW bus ... get excited. See the trailer, read a Q&A with the director.

• Here's the 19 most dangerous Metro stations in recent months. Is yours one?

• But at least Metro riders can now upload money onto SmarTrip cards using the Internet. It's like it's the 21st-century or something.

• A D.C. teacher filmed his 50 States bike ride and made a video for a summer project.

• See a tiny electric car on the subway. What does it mean?

• You can join Zipcar at 21 or even younger but you can't formally rent a car penalty-free until 25. Does the difference really make sense?

• Go back half a century and learn how Germantown, Maryland was planned as one of D.C.'s "satellite towns."

• Thousands pledged to go car-free.

 • Imagine a future without drivers. It may happen within the next half century

• Petworth gets a brand-new traffic light at Taylor and Georgia. People rejoice — with balloons and ribbons, even!

• A new daily deals site has come to D.C., and it's targeting your pedestrian feet.

• Capital Bikeshare's getting 50 new stations and 500 new bikes next year.

• The 2010 American Community Survey tells us about how D.C. transportation is changing — and about which gender is doing the majority of bike commuting around town.

Whether you're at the D.C. book festival on the Mall, riding the WABA 50 States and 13 Colonies ride, or elsewhere, I hope everyone is having a terrific weekend!

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