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Walking it back: Cars cost us more than we know

September 17, 2011 - 10:42 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

Friday unofficially signaled the start of fall with its brisk breezes, D.C. We've had a quieter week here but full of fascinating transit news nonetheless. Let's walk it back through the biggest stories of the past week:

• How much money will you save by not owning a car? Here's the many thousands that one non-profit says you'll keep in your pockets.

• How many millions will Obama's American Jobs Act bring to D.C. transportation?

• From Dostoevsky to Gogol to Bely — what Russian literature tells us about D.C. transportation.

• Isn't this median exciting? Flower power is on the way.

• Homeland Security is funding a new awareness campaign in the Metro. Remember, people: see something, say something!

• WMATA unleashes another bus route to the smallest of D.C.'s four corridors.

LED street lamps might not be good for our health.

• D.C. parking has always been bad.

• Yet it's Metro that inspires the F-word in us all.

• Still, not all WMATA "scandals" are as damning as some people would like.

• Shouldn't the Bethesda station get a new entrance before its existing escalators are replaced?

HBO gets clever.

• D.C. bicyclists got some political heroes.

• Let's take a good look at Ray LaHood's desk.

• Maybe the MARC should run on the weekends like people want.

• And the winner of Zipcar's Low Car Diet challenge is...

• The car took its first American life 112 years ago.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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