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Walking it back: Transit news for the long Labor Day weekend

September 3, 2011 - 11:00 AM
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(Photo: Ben Schumin)

September is here, D.C.,and summer is ending. The moment is always a sad one, but at least we've got Labor Day weekend mostly free. I hope you're all having a blast. To survive the long, terrible, news-free weekend that you're suffering through now, here's some of the biggest transit stories covered here in the last few days:

• Is America too poor for Labor Day vacations these days? Statistics from AAA.

• GOP House leader Eric Cantor is looking at putting bikeshare programs like Capital Bikeshare on the congressional chopping block.

• Councilman Marion Bary was having some trouble with his car this week — what was left of it, that is.

• An 18-year-old woman allegedly killed herself on the Metro tracks this week. It happened on the Red Line.

• See photos of the new hybrid Metrobus that Metro's been rolling out in the last couple months.

• Lower Georgia Avenue lost its Great Streets streetscaping funding. So much for pretty trees and bike lanes alongside Howard.

Videos of terrible driving in the D.C. metro area to celebrate our ranking as the nation's worst drivers from Allstate.

Bicyclists and the National Park Service have not exactly been BFFs lately. Specifically, WABA's Shane Farthing has concerns about cyclists not being allowed to ride on the George Washington Parkway. Speaking of biking, what's the deal with pedicabs on the Mount Vernon Trail?

• Oh yeah, "Hurricane" Irene happened.

• MetroAccess bus drivers are afraid their long 13-hour schedules will make them so tired they'll end of hurting or killing some of their passengers and protested in front of MetroAccess headquarters. "This is absolute slavery," one driver said in a video released afterward.

• Have you ever wanted to listen to the radio as you're biking? The perfect bike existed for you all the way back in 1955. Check out the Huffy RadioBike!

• Zipcar and Ford are trying to tag team college students. In other news, Zipcar just gained almost 4,000 new members.

• WMATA faces off against local deer.

 Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! Remember, WMATA has major track work planned as well as bus detours this weekend.

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