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Washington Improv Theater shows Metro commuter love in 48-Hour Film winner

September 29, 2011 - 12:30 PM
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(Photo: Washington Improv Theater)

Ride on a bus, train, bike trail, or walk the same sidewalk every day, and you start to recognize the same people. I've observed this strange form of commuter intimacy before, and I'm happy to notice it once again in the form of a five-and-a-half minute dramatic video about what it means to ride the Washington, D.C. Metro on a daily basis.

The Washington Improv Theater are the ones responsible for "Relative," a video entered in the 48 Hour Film Project earlier in 2011. The short film went on to win Best Film, Best Acting Ensemble, and Best of Selection out of the D.C. films. Have you seen this short clip? The 48 Hour Film Project happened here earlier this summer, but the message of the video is timeless and speaks to one of the realities of mass transit. I only first enjoyed it recently and wanted to spotlight the WMATA-based gem if you hadn't seen it yet.

In "Relative," what we see are five people who slowly grow closer to one another after days on the Metro. Strangers slowly transform into an impromptu group of friends over the course of this story. Grim stares become smiles, detached isolation turns to helping one another with crosswords. It's a little corny, sure, but the message and execution of the video are excellent, especially considering that people put this together in just two days. As the Washington Improv Theater website notes: "Family is wherever you find it."

Watch their winning entry here:

Hat tip to D.C. traffic engineer, Zipcar Low Car Diet challenger, and transportation enthusiast Andrew Bossi for first bringing this intriguing video to my attention.

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