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You know who won't be happy about WMATA's Dupont escalator news?

September 8, 2011 - 01:02 PM
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A troubled man. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Today WMATA announced a lot about escalators at its board meeting, and Twitter nearly had an aneurysm at the news that the south entrance of the Dupont Circle Metro station will be closed for apparently one year as the transit agency puts in three brand new escalators. The north entrance will be rehabbed once that's done. I talked about escalators a bit yesterday and while there's more I could say — about the $148 million spent on escalators in 2011, how 144 are rehabilitated, 9 replaced, and 31 elevators rehabbed,  the decision to reach out to contractors to speed up escalator repairs, the 81.98% escalator availability reported for June 2011, the fact that yes, much of the escalator outages are due to greater inspections and repairs (55% of all escalators out in July were out deliberately), and so on, according to WMATA's presentation — I just want to point out one person who will be distinctly unhappy about this one-year escalator business:

Tom Friedman, folks. He must be going nuts.

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