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'Serial rapist' lurks near the Suitland Metro station

October 6, 2011 - 12:55 PM
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(Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ben Schumin)

Disturbing police reports have begun emerging from the blocks around the Suitland Metro station. Multiple broadcast news outlets have reported on how two women have been allegedly confronted in the last two weeks while walking to the Prince George's County Metro station. Both attacks happened before 7 a.m. in the morning, and the suspect allegedly approached the women with a gun and sexually assaulted one. The other managed to flee. Police haven't confirmed that the suspect in both cases is the same, but the descriptions match up. One news anchor calls the suspect a "serial rapist" due to the similar techniques, description, and threat, both during the morning commutes.

How would walking to work be like with the fear of rape hanging in the air? To foster a community that relies on pedestrian life and public transportation, safety is necessary.

The dangers around some of these Metro stations in Prince George's County, Maryland have begun to threaten the notion of pedestrian well-being. When WMATA released its recent crime statistics, the Suitland station ranked as the most dangerous station from April 1 to June 30, with 30 Part 1 crimes reported there. These assaults reflect the broader danger of the blocks rather than any danger within the Metro station itself and falls under the province of the Prince George's County Police rather than MTPD. Eight of the most dangerous Metro stations this year are located in Prince George's County, according to a recent report, and one local Metro board member is afraid to use Largo Town Center due to her perception of its danger (Large Town Center ranked third on the list of dangerous Metro stations, with 22 crimes reported, and broad news reported a vandalization and chase scene in its garage not two weeks ago).

Be careful if you live near Suitland, pedestrians. Walk in the light, walk with others, walk with caution. Here, read the Prince George's County Police Department's tips for pedestrian safety, featured on their blog a month ago. See the reports from WUSA and Fox below.



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