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Occupy DC keeps occupying Metro with fancy clothes, accents, wine glasses

October 27, 2011 - 11:40 AM
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We are the 1%. (Photo: YouTube/fallspring)

A few weeks back, Occupy DC proposed occupying our Metro trains as part of a mock 1% protest where they dress up in fancy clothes, monocles, and talk in accents to parody the notion of what upper-crust living must be like. Fun, right?

Videos have begun emerging of what these WMATA-riding elites are like down there underground on the Metro platforms and on the trains. The Post's Katie Rogers showcased the initial 1% Occupy Metro video on October 7, shortly after the Occupy DC protesters first proposed descending into the masses of transit. But this week a second video emerged, showing protesters in different but just as outlandish costumes and accents. A particularly long-haired and distinctive man appears to lead the elites through Metro in both videos. Even if these videos are from the same initial 1% march — which I doubt because the long-haired man has a beard in one video and no beard in this new one — they're worth seeing if you haven't set your eyes on them yet. In both clips, they carry an iPad announcing that they represent the 1%. Have you seen these aristocrats parading through the Metro system?

In the words of Occupy DC: "Jeeves! Stop the car."

Here's the first video of the 1%  Metro parody:

To the 1%!

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